Our experience in different sectors of the industry ( Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Entertainment, Food and beverages/ Retails , Services, Mine, platforms on the Internet.

Processing of accounting records in local accounting system or in that ERP implemented by clients.

Tax Compliance, Payroll administration and management.

Analysis and annual confirmation of premium Occupational risk.

Development of audit services and issuance of opinion of financial statements in accordance with the International Auditing Standards (IFRS)

Advice on documentary support on investments.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Advisory Support

IT Security Services

Virtual CISO Support in the creation and monitoring of information security strategies based on business needs.

Pentesting Tests for Infrastructure and Web Services.

Social Engineering Tests.

Incident Response and Forensic Analysis (DFIR).

Mobile Forensics.

Risk Assessment focused on Information Security (Audit)

Consulting for the implementation of Information Security Frameworks (ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CSA STAR Level 1 and 2)

Cloud Security and DevSecOps Architecture: Legal - Tech privacy Advising (Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, Arco Rights

Advice on Gender Equality 

1. Introduction to gender equality
2. Gender and intersectional violence: factors, impacts and proposals from psychology
3. From hegemonic masculinity to new masculinities.
4. Institutional and organizational violence against women workshop: labor and sexual harassment and harassment, glass ceilings and other manifestations of inequality and violence.
5. Human resources and leadership with a gender perspective.
6. Conflict resolution from gender perspective approaches, human rights public policies, citizen and psychological policies with a gender and intersectional approach.

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Protocols against gender violence.